Monday, 31 March 2008

Missing Buddy....

Everyday on my way to work...I pass by a park....where I see people exercising their Dogs...

I see dogs of all types...frolicking away and I suddenly start missing my Dog " Buddy".

He is a brown bundle of Energy....who loves to play fetch...Hide N seek and what not...
I still remember the Day we had brought him Home in Ahmedabad...a curious little fur ball of 2.5 Months....
We fell in love with him.The first few months were tough as we never had a pet earlier....
He was with us for nearly 3 years....we had to give him up to a family friend as we moved to UK for a year....
He is doing great in his new home and has adjusted well....but heart in heart I want him to miss us as we miss him...this makes me wonder whether dogs think...or associate FOOD= LOVE...

Buddy is a fantastic dog...albeit a thoroughly spoilt one...who loves food of any type...he can eat anything from Dry Dog food....
His intelligence reflects through his green eyes...and is always ready for a Game of fetch...even at 2 am in the morning.

I miss him so much....he enriched my Life.His unbridled zest for food and fun....made me think about how Simple Life is....Its all about living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest....


  1. i miss you and buddy a lot. nobody to talk serious subjects :'(

  2. Awww...I miss Buddy soo much...I wish I could see him again! And now I'm missing you too! Hugs :-)

  3. There is writer in making.. in 4/5 years from now..

    A philosophical, theologist..natural... childish...intelligent... emotional.. caring.....

    Good Luck to this Writer for her succes and joy of life

  4. Vinni...Meri aankho mein aasu aa gaye apaka yeh post padh k... Neva was attached to pets but now when jazz has one i get to know hw one gets attached to dem...U hv been very strong to leav him coz i had seen hw u loved him...

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