Wednesday, 12 August 2015

85 thoughts of a Fat girl when out for a run

Fat girl and running seems to be an oxymoron and there is a possibility that people might read the title of the post again, thinking that I made a typing mistake

A fat person and running seems a combination which is difficult for most people to comprehend. Many look at me with disbelief when I tell them that I have started to run. Some have even passed snide remarks asking me if I even knew what running was and whether new potholes have appeared on the roads where I run.

Well, I being me.. left the haters gaping, when I started participating in marathons and running 5K distances. That was the best retort I could give them.

I started training late last year and have written about it in this post. Now, every time I lace up those shoes, a thrill goes through me and I am waiting for my shoes to eat up the kilometers. I don't run to lose weight, I run for fun and what fun I am having. 

Every runner will know that a myriad of thoughts go through their minds while running long distances. I have my fair share of weird thoughts sometimes bordering on the bizarre. Here's what I think, not decidedly in any particular order.

  1. Good morning..Yayy I am running.. Happy happy.. Joy joy
  2. One step at a time.. Breathe in breathe out.. It's as simple as it looks
  3. Why didn't I start doing this when I was younger?. Duh!!
  4. Hey what's that line from Ice Age.. Oh got it
  5. "My hooves are burning, baby! They are burning! Look at this. I got to tip-toe! I got to tip-toe!"
  6. Whatcha looking at mister.. Never seen a fat girl run? 
  7. Now you've seen it.. You can close your mouth now.
  8. Yeah.. You women.. Stop scanning me from head to toe.. Come and run with me.
  9. Coming through.. Make way people.. 
  10. Stop walking like it's a park.
  11. Dang!  Stepped in poo.. Hope it's just dog poo and not something else.. 
  12. Every where I go the stink will follow.
  13. Is it warm?.. I am feeling hott..Maybe I should just stop, 
  14. Cmon! don't be a sissy, just keep moving those legs.
  15. Whoa! Hot guy..
  16. Hope I don't look as if I am having a stroke..
  17. Yippee another going to smile...definitely smile..
  18. He didn't..I must look like a complete moron.
  19. Hey there are cute..wish I could stop and pet you..
  20. Aww I miss my dog
  21. Hurrah! I see another female gonna wave..and you deserve my brightest smile. 
  22. Yeah! baby..move those legs
  23. Some women really don't know what bra to wear..
  24. Sheesh..are they supposed to look like that?
  25. Need to stop eating sweets..really need to..I will..I have to
  26. I can't breathe..I can't breathe..
  27. I need to lie right now
  28. must be kidding..just feels like 5...
  29. You need to stop f*****g with me..
  30. Why do roads have these climbs? Why? Why? 
  31. Why can't they make them smooth and straight..
  32. Well I am over that climb..this feels easy..just keep breathing..just keep breathing..
  33. Un-clench those shoulders..don't want a shoulder pain..this feels better
  34. Halfway just half remains..this is easy peasy.
  35. I know..your car has a horn..No need to blast it so loudly, 
  36. You in that my dust.
  37. I am sweating like a pig..what a weird phrase? 
  38. Do pigs really sweat? 
  39. Should I Google that when I go home?
  40. Sweat is will glow..let it flow..
  41. Why do sports companies make clothes so small? 
  42. I can never find my's depressing..
  43. Hot guy is back...well do I care..I am on a roll here..
  44. Need to work on those arms..I have that sexy dress to fit into
  45. I hope my maid  will come today..not in a mood to do the dishes.
  46. Why did I ever start running?
  47. I feel I have been running for an eternity..I think I should just give up..
  48. My bum must be jiggling...
  49. That happens after eating too much pizza while watching reruns of "Friends".
  50. Hey look a new restaurant..I need to check it out..
  51. I deserve it..I am working out so hard.
  52. My running group keeps posting so many's inspiring but I also feel a wee bit jealous
  53. Why people keep staring at me when I run?
  54. Do I look weird?
  55. Do I care what they think? 
  56. Hell no...tomorrow I will wear my shortest shorts and run..take that.
  57. Why do people think running is fun?
  58. Why did you think it was fun?
  59. You dumb fell for that
  60. Why do other runner's make it look so easy?
  61. I think my lungs are gonna explode...
  62. I am going to die right here. 
  63. Who will take my body? 
  64. Will it hurt?
  65. I am losing it..
  66. Shoo morbid thoughts..away you go
  67. Need to think of something positive
  68. FOOD
  69. Should I eat a healthy breakfast or...
  70. I think I will check out that restaurant
  71. Why not?
  72. After all I didn't die..need to "live in the moment".
  73. I think I should have been done by now.
  74. Runkeeper woman..why did you stop talking?
  75. oh! I have another Kilometer to go..
  76. Not too tough are in rhythm.
  77. Go baby go..
  78. Hey look that runner waved at me..
  79. I am waving back.
  80. Runner's are cool people.
  81. That makes me cool too..yippee!!
  82. I think I can run a 5K's hardly any distance
  83. Maybe I should just sign up for a run or two..
  84. I am definitely doing that.
  85. I love Running.

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