Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Some days are just blah!

It starts with a small itchy sensation in your nose and a scratchy feeling in your throat. You sneeze a few times and blame it on the dust and pollution and carry on with your day. You sniffle a few times and think that it will go away on its own. Such dumb thoughts lull you into a sense of security and you sleep off thinking tomorrow is a new day.

Next day dawns and the scratchy feeling that you happily ignored is making your throat hurt like hell. The only consolation is that you now have a voice that is a cross between a squeak and a roar, which you plan to call husky. Your friends ask you to verify your identity because you sound "kind off weird","like Marlon Brando in Godfather". Any man would have given his left arm for such a compliment, but you just fume. You tell them they are jealous because your voice sounds sexy.

You hear raucous laughter when you say that and even though you angrily want to bang the phone down, you stop yourself. You look at the delicate instrument in your hand and realize that you are still paying off the EMI's for the cell phone in your hand. You use a few cuss words and go to your Yoga class thinking that it will miraculously stop that dreaded itch and turn you into a normal sounding person. Yoginis in the class shower you with all types of home remedies to counter your cough. People who have never smiled at you in class, proffer recipes of concoctions at warp speed. Giving advice is our number one hobby, kya karein, we are like this only. Recipes in hand you march home to kick the cough in its crotch.

By the time you come back, your nose has developed a mind of its own and has started leaking at the rate of 4 droplets per second. Handkerchiefs and you have never had an amicable relationship, considering that you left those suckers at all sorts of places or dropped them unceremoniously from your hand on countless occasions. You run back and forth to the bathroom begging your nose to have mercy on you. In one of the trips a bulb literally lights up in your brain and you remember that pack of tissues that have been languishing at the bottom of your purse from "Baba Adam ka zamana". You tear open the packet and thank "Fresh Ones" for saving you from drowning in your own snot.

Before something else happens, you frantically check your kitchen cupboards for  all the ingredients for the home remedies like  Honey, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ajwain, Tulsi etc. You have most of the stuff at hand but now realize that because of infomation overload, you have forgotten the exact combinations in which ingredients are to be used. You take a bowl, dump all the ingredients one by one, stir it and gulp all of it together, thinking that some days are just blah!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Winner of Caption Contest 27 "You think you are funny?"

Here are the winners of the Caption Contest 27  ‘You think you are funny?’

This time I have received a lot of interesting captions for the picture and it was quite difficult to choose the right one. But choose I had to and here are the winners....

A Walk into the Woods A moment please, let me finish the 'Bhakt Count Update' report.

Jairam Mohan : "Presenting "Online Wealth Management Options by Goddess Lakshmi"

Picture Courtesy :


Drop me a mail at and I will mail you the trophy.

Hope to see you in another round of Caption Contest SOON.

Friday, 6 September 2013

A woman of many hues

She was my first friend on foreign soil. She held my hand and was a strong support for me, when I moved to the UK and settled in a new job. Her name is Nirali Pandya and she plays many roles every day, that of a friend, a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur. I know her since the past 6 years and each day I see her achieving new milestones in her life. 

Nirali at her desk

When you meet Nirali, you can see the effervescence and the enthusiasm bubbling from her personality. Set within her small frame is the determination and drive to achieve her dreams. Coming from a Gujarati family, entrepreneurship was always in Nirali's blood. She worked for a SEO firm while in UK and so starting her own Web design and SEO company when she moved to India was a natural progression. Also it was important for her to maintain flexible work hours as she was juggling pregnancy, her business and home all at the same time.

Nhance Web solutions Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in June 2009 from a 400 sq ft rented space in Ahmedabad with a staff of just 5 people. The company provides Website design and development, SEO and customized software development services. It has now grown and employs 28 people and has a turnover of nearly Rupees 1.2 crores per year.

Nirali says she could make this possible only because of the support of her family. Her husband Nishit has been her pillar of strength, her father-in-law has also been very co-operative and so have her twin boys aged 4. Nirali's mother has a significant role to play in her success. Bhavnaben supports Nirali by taking care of the boys everyday and is especially helpful when she works UK shifts that go on till 11 in the night during Winter days. 

Neither pregnancy nor autoimmune illness like Rheumatoid Arthritis have stopped Nirali from doing what she wanted. She has never missed a single day of work because of her illness, such is her willpower. From decision making, guiding employees to handling clients, she does it all. She believes in having a very friendly environment at work and is open to suggestions from her employees. Her kind nature and friendly demeanor automatically makes people listen to her.  

For Nirali, weekends are sacred, that is when she spends time with her twin boys Swar and Swarit. She unwinds by going shopping or watches a movie.  She tells me that weekends keep her sane as other days are filled with activities right from the moment she opens her eyes. 

Nirali with Nishit and twins Swar and Swarit

Nhance Web solutions Pvt. Ltd. now caters to clients in the UK and USA. Nirali's vision for the future of her company is to explore and work for clients in the Middle East and Australia. She wants to concentrate mainly on providing customized software development services with speed and precision.

When I ask Nirali "What advice will you give budding women entrepreneurs?", She replies 

"Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Women have immense courage and determination. Don't doubt yourself, take that decision and just start your business and success will automatically follow".

When I ask her "What does independence mean to you?"

She says "Financial security and standing on my own feet is what  independence means to me. The ability and the right to take my own decisions is what I call as being independent". 

With this I wrap the interview and realize that don't most women crave Independence...being able to make their own decisions and at the same time have the support of their loved ones. 

Nirali has played a significant role in my life. She is the one who helped me make the career change from a 9-5 job to that of a writer.  I will always be thankful to her for believing in me and giving me a chance to write for her company. Because of her encouragement I was able to make a jump into the totally new world of content writing. 

Written for the Indiblogeshwaris Ladies Independence Special Contest in association with 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Caption Contest 27 "You think you are funny?"

This is Caption Contest 27 'You think you are funny?

Please give a caption to the picture below:

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All the Best. 

P.S: For those people who would like to know the rules, please check here

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