Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Scribbling Pad

I know, I have done the disappearing act from my own blog again  and have not been visiting any of you blogs as well. Thank you for being such good friends and sticking around with me. I promise to read all the posts I have missed. I have them stored in my reader.

I have a reason for absconding from the scene, as I was juggling too many things at the same time both personal and professional. One of the balls that I was juggling was the launch of my professional website 'The Scribbling Pad'. I finally launched it ten days back and voilĂ , here is the link for all you beautiful people The Scribbling Pad and a snapshot of the site.

Hope the people who need Content writing and Editing services are reading this blog. It has been an exciting time mixed with lots of hair pulling and harassing the designer who designed the website. I drove the poor chap up the wall with so many changes, till I was completely satisfied. 

I have kept the website simple because I believe in, "Keep it Simple Stupid" a lot. It also has links to my social media profiles and you can even share my website with someone else by using the "Share this" button. There are links and samples of the work I have done and testimonials from a few of the clients. Have a look and do forward it to people you know who need content for their websites, brochures or blogs.

Blogging for me has always been about just pursuing a hobby and reading things that pique my interest. It has given me the opportunity to start my own business and I am so happy that I jumped in to this world with enthusiasm.

A few days back, I realized that the blog world has really changed now and has become a vicious place. There was a lot of mudslinging and some blogger friends were caught in the cross-hairs. I feel that these days there is fierce competition amongst bloggers and many have forgotten the essence of what blogging is all about. All of this has left a really bad taste in my mouth. Blogging was so different when I started off, I made so many friends in this virtual world. I learnt so much from them but there was never a clash of egos. There is space for everyone to grow and there is no need for anyone to go pissing everywhere to mark their territory. 

What has been your experience in this blogging world?

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