Friday, 24 February 2012

Every dog has its day

It was one of those blustery monsoon days when the Mumbai rain has washed away the filth on the road and the leaves on trees look bright and green as if freshly painted. It had been raining persistently the whole week and the road in front of our building was flooded with water. It had rained a lot and the sewers were over flowing with the downpour.

We had some friends visiting us and all of us had just finished our breakfast. The rain had let up for a while so it was relatively quiet. In this quiet, we heard the howling of a dog. Initially, we ignored it and were sitting around chatting when the howling became louder and did not stop.

I called up the security guard and found that a dog was trapped in one of the drain pipes near the gate of our building, who was creating this ruckus. On further inquiry, we came to know that it was a small dog who got swept in the drain with the rain water rain who is now lost and scared.

I immediately fired up my laptop to search for 'Dog Rescue' organisations. There was little hope of finding one which operated on a Sunday. By then, the dog's howling had reached a fevered pitch and I was worried that it should not die from fear and trauma of getting stuck.

I finally decided to ring the police and ask for help. They asked me to ring the fire department and many calls later, I was finally able to inform about the dog. Now all we had to do was to wait for the fire truck to arrive.
In the meantime I got dressed and went downstairs to check on the dog who had been suspiciously quiet for some time.

The fire truck arrived within 20 minutes of my call, loaded with firemen in their gear. They got down to the business of getting the tyke out of the drain. They searched high and low but could not find the dog. After spending nearly an hour trying to find the dog, the firemen figured out that the dog must have found a way to escape. The firemen loaded up and the fire engine tootled off among number of gawking looky loo's and a group of stray dogs.

All the while, I had this nagging suspicion that our 'howling friend' was sitting pretty with his group, looking at all of us and wondering what all the fuss was about

P.S: This experience taught me that the Fire department in Mumbai does care about stray dogs stuck in sewers. It heeds to your complaints and is there to help you. They were efficient and kind. Hats off to Mumbai Fire Department for their help.

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