Thursday, 12 January 2012

A New Year and a New Me


Well! Well! look who is out of hibernation. I know all of you must be shaking your head and tch tching at my sudden appearance. Not believing one bit that I will stick around for long. Believe me, this time I intend to do so.

To tell you the truth, I have been caught up in work and have also been a wee bit lazy about Blogging. On the personal front, life was as chaotic as cyclone Thane making me go blue in the face, followed by long stretches of absolutely not doing anything. I spent that time just catching my breath and trying to resemble an actual Polar bear.

As you can see from my blog I am a total movie buff. I spent a sufficient chunk of  time watching movies in movie theatres that too alone, as my better half is happy as a bear taking a snooze cozied up in bed rather than sitting in front of a screen. What he does not know is that after I die, I am sure to come and haunt him and sing horrible movie songs. The operative word is horrible songs and not sing horribly. Which would anyway be impossible as I am known for my singing abilities.

Sadly, I saw extremely bad movies last year like ‘MOD’, ‘The girl in Yellow Boots’ and ‘Don-2’ which were all packaged in a glitzy wrapping, enticing me to spend my well earned money. I am not even wasting space on describing why I did not like them as it will mean spending my precious time on dissecting the crappiness.

My New year started with a short trip to Mahabaleshwar and meeting up with old friends. Though I wanted to spend 31st night partying hard, the whole idea of drunken men and women puking their guts out was not too enticing.

I am expecting this year to be equally good as the last one and wishing for a thinner me, getting back in touch with my old friends, working better and smarter, blogging regularly, praying for better movies, happiness, world peace and that the world does not end this year.

Here’s wishing you a Bright and Joyous New Year!!! ( I am officially not too late to wish you guys)

How did you celebrate your New Year’s eve?

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