Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Daytime

As you can see from the title...yes its about my dog oops you can say ex-dog since he is been adopted by family friends last year when we moved here to Lancaster.

For people who do not know about me, let me just give you a snapshot of my Dog 'Buddy' - a chocolate Labrador retriever. You can read more about him in my first ever post 'Missing Buddy.
He is a very naughty and curious creature.

I was recently having a conversation about Dogs with some friends and I remembered this funny incident worth blogging about.

One day when I was back in good ole Pune-India, I was taking down the laundry from the line and one plastic clip fell on the floor. Any people who own dogs especially a Labrador will know that they eat anything and everything even you have just given them a meal . Buddy just jumped on it and started chewing it vigorously. I ran after him to take it out from his mouth and he thinking it was a game started running even faster around the whole house. By the time I caught up with him he had already swallowed most of it alongwith a metal ring which was 1.5 cms in diameter.
I was in Panic and immediately called up Hubby dearest and the vet. We took him to a Xray clinic for a Abdomen X-ray. The moment we landed there we got angry, weird and horrified stares from the junta who had come for an X Ray at the clinic. They were so surprised to know that we had got our dog for the procedure. In retrospect it seems hilarious but at that time I wanted to scream at those people. In the Xray we could clearly see the ring and it was huge and could cause a lot of problems incase it got suck in the intestines.

We hurried over to the Vet with the Xray and the doc gave him some concoction for Buddy to just throw up and get it out of his sytem.That did not work so the Doc prescribed some laxatives. His instructions were to check Buddy's poop everyday to see if he had passed the ring.

We tried feeding him the laxative with his food , Icecream, Mutton and what not. That dog had some nose and he would just not touch his food. Finally we gave up and turned to the simple most recipe of feeding him Bananas and Banana Milkshakes. He just slurped away on the Milkshake and behaved as if he did not have a care in the world.

The task of monitoring his poop was reluctantly taken over by Hubby (Who would want anyone to see you poking around in dogs poop as if looking for a treasure). I guess he did it half hearted and mostly in the cover of darkness.

The most coveted and awaited ring kept eluding us and we lost our patience. The milkshake routine continued for a fortnight with us being on tenterhooks whereas Mr. Buddy was his playful self. We finally decided to take another Xray to confirm that all was clean and clear. The result was that everything was OK and the ring had passed out.

This incident was one of the many which we encountered while living with our lovable Buddy.

I cherish these moments and wish his new family to enjoy many such moments with Buddy.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Festival of Lights...

Deepavali or Diwali is here. Today is 'Laxmi Pujan ' one of the biggest days for Hindus across the globe. I am here far away from home in foreign lands and missing all the festivities back home in India. And to top it I am in office and working today...which is so weird.

I still remember the grand celebrations when I was growing up. Started with 'Dhanteras' and ended with 'Bhai dooj'. All the hogging on sweets and wearing new clothes and bursting crackers in the front yard with the house ablaze with lights and diyas (Oil Lamps).

'Narkachaturdashi' is mainly celebrated in Maharashtra- a region where I come from. Its celebrated one day after Dhanteras. It is believed that on that day if you are not bathed and dressed before Sunrise you will go to Hell(Narka) , which we still believe. I remember my mother waking my sis and me up at 4 in the morning and putting scented Oil and a scrub for making us pure on that day. I clearly remember the rough scrub she used on us and scrubbed us raw. Also I can remember the sheer joy we had in bursting crackers. After the sun was up my cousin Ajay and I used to go hunting for any crackers in the front yard which were still usable. The sheer joy of finding one was like a hitting the jackpot or discovering a huge treasure. Then came the fight of who will get the golden chance to use it.

In the afternoon after a heavy meal my entire family alongwith my uncle and aunt and cousin sat down in the front yard to make huge Rangoli creations. It is still so unbelievable that My uncle used to make fantastic Rangolis. Ours were little hodgepodge of colours over which a lot of fuss was made. The grand finale was done by my eldest sister who has a flair for everything creative and was the master of rangolis. I always secretly wanted be like her.

In the evenings we would take sweets to wish our Neighbours and friends. Also another memory comes back is of making a FORT(just like a sand castle) of stones and bricks and mud and cow dung much before Diwali started. We used to build one with the material from our garden. The collection of cow dung was a hilarious process. It basically meant running on the street to gather dung after a cow herd had passed by(I still wonder why we needed that stinky and yucky cow dung). Once it was ready and the mud was still wet we took mustard seeds and planted them in a precise design. Watering the seeds also was very important. The aim was to burst the fort with fire carckers. Somehow I never remember bursting it....maybe because it was all the labour we put into it.

Somehow I feel Diwali has become very commercial now. The Diwali of yesteryears had that pureness and simplicity we lack now. The main aim at that time was to spend time with family and celebrate Hinduism. Somehow Diwali nowadays just does'nt feel like what it was before. Maybe its because I have grown up and it becomes harder and harder to just be in the moment.
I miss spending this Diwali with my in-laws and parents and I wish I could have just flown home for a few days and escaped to my childhood once more.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Super Sweet 16

I was flipping the channels on the telly as usual with the want for seeing a sane program. After watching innumerable re-runs of my ever favorite series 'Friends'. I dared to experiment and came to a program called "My Super Sweet 16". The program is produced in U.S of A and revolves around the 16th Birthday Celebration of a Super Rich Brat.

It starts off with the chap or chappy introducing themselves and showing off their rich lifestyle. Yesterday it was all about a girl who was dumb as a doorknob with a whiny voice. She wants a Horse for her Birthday, also gets a Cadillac since she hates her Ford and throws her Party in some huge mall with more than 100 people invited. The theme is Las Vegas so you have showgirls , magician ,poker tables and what not. Plus there was some celebrity singer who came and performed (I have no clue who he was).

The girl was to dress as a Barbie and so she needed her Ken to escort her to her Birthday. They round up some of the so called "hottest Boys" in town and call them over for audition. They are to be good looking and intelligent the girl and her friends take a quiz and ask the boys to strip from waist this point my brain was about to explode in a million pieces...

I really did not have the stamina to watch anymore after this...all this for turning 16???

Do people really watch that show??? I guess they must be. I really do not like these reality programs. Especially those which so such extravagance. WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Do you like such type of shows?

I remember my 16th Birthday. There were no celebrations since my Grandfather had passed away a few days back and we were in mourning. Also I was going to appear for my HSSC exams so it was a double whammo!!!.

I regretted the decision of me being brave and venturing into unchartered waters of new telly programs. I promptly searched for my all time favourite "Friends" and settled into the comfortable and familiar territory.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The simple life

My ususal work day starts with a cup of coffee and checking my mails and getting ready for work.
Today when I got up, I saw rain pounding on the windows and the first thought that came to my mind was "oh damn, the f****** rain has started again".The urge to creep back into the covers was so very tempting.

Living in the UK, you do get used to the continuous rain but after a week of glorious weather it was a disappointment. I got dressed as quietly as possible as hubby dearest was snoring away to glory (him being on a sabbatical after a year of MBA studies). I got bundled up in my trusty jacket and plodded towards work.

My walk to my workplace takes me through the centre of town. I saw few people under shop awnings who looked as surprised as I was, with the weather turning bad. Rest of the crowd was just walking head down trying not to get wet in the downpour.

As I walked on, I heard giggles and laughter. And then in front of me walked 3 school girls trying to hide under one small teeny weeny umbrella. In that whole process nearly all of them were getting drenched. Inspite of that I could hear squeals of laughter and chatter as if it was just another day. This evoke of laughter put a smile on my face as well and I forgot the foul mood I was in.

Why is it that when we are younger everything looks so promising? When did we forget to laugh at the simple joys of life? When did we forget being kids and just living in the moment. Try observing a toddler and you will be so amazed to see that even a plastic bottle rolling on the floor will evoke fits of giggles from him.

I remember enjoying the rains when I was in school. I used to go on our terrace with my younger cousin. We used to block the outlets and let the pounding rain fill up the terrace. We then pretended we were swimming in that murky, dirty water. It was so much fun.

Another time, when in college, my best friend and I both went to see a friend on my two wheeler (Kinetic Honda) in a downpour. Since the vehicle was known to have bad traction in water I had put my feet on the road to have a better control. In that process one of my footwear slipped from my foot and got lost in the water. Well we had to find it as it was tough walking with just one sandal. I parked my bike and then we went fishing for my lost sandal in the dirty water. We were laughing so much and that whole search looked so silly, that people passing by thought us to be crazy . And getting wet in the rain was not even an issue.

The journey to adulthood weighs us down with responsibilities. It makes us much too sensible to enjoy the small things in life. Now we need sitcoms to make us laugh. And sometimes even these do not work.

Life is so much simpler when we are younger. Todays incident has brought back so many pleasant memories of my childhood. Even though I do not enjoy rains like so many other people do. I will try my best to laugh a little and do something crazy every chance I get. I will try try to be one of the laughing girls under that umbrella.

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